Street Market Warsaw , 2011-2015

Street Market, one of Poland’s biggest lifestyle/streetwear fairs, was originally set up to bring to together exhibitors and sellers associated with the local urban culture. Across the past 6 editions, guests have visited stalls of not only the country’s biggest hip-hop record & clothing labels, but also their niche and underground counterparts, music and streetwear pop-up stores, industry magazine publishers and many individual sellers and collectors.

Prosto Wear, DIIL,, Galeria Koloru, Asfalt Shop, Koka, JWP, Dickies, Arriba Wear, Fonografika,, El Polako, Step Records, Wielkie Joł, Palto and PLNY are all among brands that have taken part in the fair through the years.

Attendance: 1000+

SOW: concept, promotion, event production