Street Market Warsaw , 2011-2015

Street Market is one of Poland's largest urban streetwear and music fairs. Biggest hip-hop labels, prolific apparel brands, independent music and street art stores, magazine publishers and tens of individual sellers and collectors - have all participated in the past 7 editions of this buzzing event. Amongst some of the exhibitors showcasing their booths at Street Market, were Prosto Wear, DIIL,, Galeria Koloru, Asfalt Shop, Koka, JWP, Dickies, Arriba Wear, Fonografika,, El Polako, Step Records, Wielkie Joł, Palto and PLNY.
The casual, block-party vibe of the event attracted people of all ages who aside from browsing the show floor, were able to catch small, daytime concerts, join panels with artists and watch a skateboarding competition.

Credit: idea, production, PR & communication