Ballantine's: Stay True Poland Warsaw Film School, 2014

Stay True Poland was the final chapter of a global campaign between Ballantine's Whisky and Boiler Room, concluding a series of events previously hosted in Cape Town and Mexico City. Throughout the partnership, electronic music fans from all around the world had a chance to take a closer look at local music scenes, learn about the story of their pioneers and discover contemporary artists of the musical underground.

In the Warsaw Film School courtyard, eight artists representing different generations and aesthetic took the stage - from the legendary synth pioneer Komendarek to the electro-pop duo Rebeka. A live broadcast of the event has accumulated over 300k views from fans around the globe.

The Polish episode of Stay True Journeys concluded with the release of a gripping documentary - unearthing to the global audience, the unique story of electronic music pioneers, Marek Bilinski, Eugeniusz Rudnik and Wladyslaw Komendarek, and exploring the country's contemporary music landscape and its most exciting new artists.

Credits: production, music programming, executive production/creative direction of the branded content piece

Client: Boiler Room, Pernod Ricard
Partners: Film Produkcja, Lunapark Motion Arts Collective

KTR 2015 for the documentary "Boiler Room x Ballantine's Stay True Journeys" in the following categories,
Silver for Best Creative Use of Branded Content
Silver for Best Cinematography
Nominated for Best Branded Content & Entertainment