Pezet "Muzyka Współczesna": premiere concert COS Torwar, Warsaw, 19.12.2019

Premiere concert of Pezet's "Muzyka Współczesna" LP released in autumn 2019 and, at the same time, a great stage comeback of one of the most popular Polish rappers. The sold-out show in Warsaw's COS Torwar hall was admired live by nearly 6,000 people. The artist presented both material from the latest album and his most popular and classic songs. He was accompanied by a whole galaxy of guests - both those who appeared on the latest release - and also those with whom he has collaborated over the past years: Sokół, Paluch, KęKę, Oskar PRO8L3M, Syny, Ten Typ Mes, Otsochodzi, Jan-rapowanie, OKI, Zdechły Osa, Onar, Małolat, Auer and DJ Panda.

The artistic and production success caused a change in the concert formula of "Muzyka Współczesna". Pezet and his management decided to extend the promotion of the album with additional mass concerts (Gdynia, Katowice and again Warsaw) as part of the Pezet Magenta Tour. We had also took the production care of these events.


Credit: comprehensive production of the event (stage, sound, light, visualizations and the event logistics)

Cooperation: Event Galicja, RIGG, Piloci Studio, GMB Pro Sound
Client: New Zenith Promotion