Prosto FestXVal Torwar Hall, Warsaw , 2015

A two-day music festival at Warsaw's Torwar Hall was held in celebration of the 15th anniversary of record label/apparel company, PROSTO - one of Poland's first, and biggest, hip-hop imprints. With its 25 performers, sophisticated visual and stage design and a real-time high definition live stream of the show - this extraordinary spectacle was the most exuberant production of all urban music festivals in the country so far.

As part of the promotional activities surrounding the festivities, a series of video interviews with the label's key artists (incl. Sokół, KęKę, Kaen and VNM) was released across the 8 weeks leading up to the event.

Birthday celebrations rounded off with the issue of a 60-page zine, recounting the history of Prosto through the eyes of its founder - Wojtek "Sokół" Sosnowski. In the booklet, fans could also find never-seen-before archival photos, graphics, flyers and posters from the label's 15 years of activity.

Credit: idea, programming, communication, production & creative direction - zine, production & concept - video series

Client: Prosto