PRO8L3M TEST DRIV3: "Art Brut 2" listening party Global EXPO Centrum Targowo-Kongresowe, Warsaw, February 2020

Three-night lasting listening party of the "Art Brut 2" album, which is the sequel of the classic PRO8L3M mixtape released in 2014. The spectacular listening formula integrated music with unique visual experience, created with the help of the latest technologies and multimedia. The implementation was carried out with the use of VES equipment.

12 ticketed tours of visits sold out in the first day of pre-order, bringing almost 3,000 viewers during February 20-22. The carefully prepared installation took nearly 1000m2 of space, and the MELT® studio was responsible for the entire immersive experience (design and programming of the installation).

The Outrage agency was responsible for developing the strategy, concept and communication of the event. The aim of the project was to evoke the atmosphere of the 90s in Poland, so the times of political transformation, the birth of wild capitalism and life without ubiquitous technologies.


Credit: event production

Collaboration: OUTRAGE, adidas Originals